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How to Save Money on Catering November 8, 2017

Downtown Honolulu, Honolulu
How to Save Money on Catering  , Honolulu, Hawaii

Whenever you’re planning an event, catering is one of the most important components to consider. However, it can also be one of the most expensive parts, too. Guests will always remember if the catering was lackluster, so it’s key to wow them with an inspired spread of delicious food and drink that stays on budget. Krazy Kitchen in Honolulu is the area’s go-to restaurant for catering services. Below, these experts offer several tips to help you reduce your event catering costs.

3 Tips to Cut Catering Costs

1. Pick Local Food

Today’s culinary trends embrace the bucking of traditional main courses that feature expensive meats, such as filet mignon. This is good news for event planners, considering these dishes are often the most expensive. Instead, work with your caterer to select main course options that are unique to the area. This provides a nice touch of authenticity that feels more welcoming than a traditional dish you could order anywhere.

2. Get Creative Behind the Bar

cateringAn open bar with unlimited drink options can be extremely pricey. One way to help cut bar costs is to limit your event offerings to select wine and beer. If you want your guests to be able to order a cocktail, picking one signature drink can be the perfect compromise. Give it a fun, creative name that suits your event, and no one will ever suspect your cost-saving motives.

3. Cut Out Unnecessary Touches

Another great way to reduce catering costs is to remove the unnecessary touches no one actually notices. This could be a variety of things, from skipping the coffee with dessert to sticking to one glass per guest. While renting several different glasses may look fancy on your tables, it likely won’t make a lasting impact. Overall, you want to put value in aspects your guests will notice, like food quality and wait times, and toss aside concerns over small aesthetic touches.

Planning an upcoming event but don't have time to put together a show-stopping menu for your guests? Krazy Kitchen in Honolulu can deliver delicious, regional catering dishes to your party. With menu options that are unique to the area, as well as full-service event planning, your event is in good hands with this trusted Hawaiian restaurant. Give their friendly, accommodating staff a call today at (808) 537-7878, or visit them online to check out their catering menu.