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3 of the Best Places to Hide Your Spare House Keys October 20, 2017

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3 of the Best Places to Hide Your Spare House Keys, Center Point, Texas

It is always best to have spare house keys available in case you lose your regular keys and get locked out of your house. However, people often place their house keys in locations that are too obvious, like underneath the doormat or on the front porch. Although these places are good for easy access, they can also be a security risk.

Perhaps, it’s time to get more creative and try out these suggestions:

  • house keysThe Dog House: This probably is one of the best places to hide your spare house keys. Aside from the accessibility, no one would want to be messing around with a stranger’s dog. It’s best to hide the key under the doghouse, and make sure it doesn’t get in contact with dirt or moisture to prevent the key from rusting.
  • Behind Your Car’s License Plate: You can always take your spare house keys with you by placing it behind your car’s license plate.  Remove one of the screws of your license plate, and place your keys aligned with the hole. Reinstall the screw firmly and you have a mobile hiding spot. This works well for unlocking vehicles too.
  • In a Tree: If you’re living in a woodsy area, one spot that could be great for hiding your spare house key is in one of the trees around your house. This serves as a great place to hide a key because no one bothers to look for spare house keys in the bushes, let alone in a tree. Just nail the key on a branch facing the opposite direction of your house, and make sure you put a light layer of paint on the key to protect the keys from dirt and rust.


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