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Why Garage Door Sales Have Increased Tenfold in 2017 October 20, 2017

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Why Garage Door Sales Have Increased Tenfold in 2017, Middletown, Ohio

With massive curb appeal and a significant investment return, garage door replacement is one of the home improvement industry’s most popular projects. Endless material and style choices create options for every property, which is why garage door sales have been on the rise this year. Want to improve your own abode? Here are three excellent reasons to start with your garage.

3 Great Reasons Garage Door Sales Have Increased

1. Curb Appeal

Consider how much space your garage door takes up. It’s a lot, making it a major aspect of curb appeal. If you want to make a positive first impression, keep in mind visitors, potential buyers, and neighbors all notice your home’s exterior first. New, elegant garage door options will instantly improve your property’s appearance, and they’re available at every price range. As an attractive, functional aspect of every home, it’s easy to see why garage door sales are increasing. 

2. Investment Return

garage door salesSince garage doors have such a significant impact on curb appeal, they also impact resale value. Along with new window and door installation, exterior features have a higher investment return than interior work. The real estate market is a competitive place, and with so many properties available, you need yours to stand out. That first impression makes a difference, especially if your current door is outdated or works ineffectively. A long-lasting, highly noticeable investment, you’ll receive a notable return when you install a new garage door. 

3. Cost vs. Value

Every year, an annual Cost vs. Value Report​ is revealed. This illustrates what’s worth replacing and what can simply be repaired. While remodeling can be an expensive project, this year’s report showed garage doors are rewarded with a higher return value on replacement than repairs. The process is considered both cost-effective and quick; a new door only takes a few hours to install.


Middletown, OH’s C&C Garage Doors provides high-quality, affordable doors to suit every style. Realizing the impact on your property’s appearance, the experts offer garage door sales with climate control, security, and other modern options. They also provide installation and maintenance to keep your structure looking sound. Visit the website and Facebook page for more information, or call (513) 423-6205 to schedule your appointment today.

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