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3 Things Concrete Companies Will Tell You About Precast Concrete October 16, 2017

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3 Things Concrete Companies Will Tell You About Precast Concrete, High Point, North Carolina

From parking lots to decorative features to home architecture, concrete companies can use their services to fill many requests. People in the agriculture industry often find precast concrete solutions useful for assembling livestock equipment quickly. Below are a few things you should know about precast options. 

Three Things Concrete Companies Want You to Know About Precast Techniques 

How It’s Made 

To make precast concrete products, a ready-mix solution is poured into High-Point-North-Carolina-concrete-companiesa pre-existing mold and then left to cure at a secure location away from the installation site. Because the mold is outfitted with rebar and pre-stressed wire, the finish is smooth. This helps make the concrete more durable, while also ensuring it’s easier to assemble. Once the casting is ready, it’s brought to the permanent site. 

Common Applications

From parking lot construction to building office complexes, precast concrete is used for a diverse range of applications. In agriculture, precast options are often used to create water troughs, as they are sealed tight at the seams and able to hold more than 190 gallons of water. Precast slabs can also be assembled in feeder configurations for more organized livestock feeding sessions. 


With precast solutions, most of the process takes place offsite. Technicians can control the environment, improving the quality of the finished product. Because the casting is done offsite, you won’t have to alter day-to-day operations to accommodate the service either. This results in a faster, more predictable project schedule. 


If you need precast solutions for livestock troughs, feeding bunks, and other agriculture applications, the professionals at Childers Concrete in High Point, NC, will help. As one of the leading concrete companies in the Triad area, they will make sure your projects are long-lasting. To discuss your questions with a service representative and schedule a service appointment, call (336) 841-3111 today. Visit the contractor online to learn more about their precast, ready-mix, and decorative concrete solutions.

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