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4 Signs It's Time for Brake Services October 16, 2017

Wallingford Center, New Haven County
4 Signs It's Time for Brake Services, Wallingford Center, Connecticut

Keeping your vehicle’s brakes in top-notch condition is a great way to extend your car’s lifespan and ensure you arrive at each destination safely. While every car owner understands the importance of these parts, determining when it’s time for brake services can be difficult. To ensure you are always safe, here are a few warning signs to review.

Top 4 Signs You Need Brake Services


Do you notice a vibrating sensation each time you hit the brakes? If so, you may have issues with a warped rotor due to extended braking or braking while driving downhill frequently. This type of problem should be evaluated right away by your auto repair shop. 

Pulling Issues

When you hit the brakes, the vehicle should continue the same course without pulling in either direction. If braking results in steering wheel movement, you may need to flush brake fluid or check linings to ensure they’re wearing evenly. 

brake servicesStrange Sounds

By hitting the brakes, your vehicle should come to a stop relatively silently. Grinding or loud squeaking indicates worn brake pads that need to be replaced right away to avoid damage to the rotors. 

Less Responsive

Does the brake pedal seem to sink down when you push it? Does it take longer for you to reach a complete stop when necessary? These delays could indicate a leak in your system. Have a mechanic perform comprehensive brake services to fix any air leaks. This will also save your driveway from brake fluid puddles.


To schedule brake services on your vehicle in the Wallingford, CT, area, contact the auto repair shop at Cheap Auto Rental today at (203) 269-1106. From front-end repair to electrical issues and transmission swaps, their qualified mechanics will get your car working again in no time. To find out more about this trusted local company, including how to rent a car while yours is in the shop, check out their website.  

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