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Stay Lyme Disease-Free with Tick Control October 6, 2017

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Stay Lyme Disease-Free with Tick Control, Hanover, Massachusetts

Leaf pile enthusiasts beware: Lyme Disease’s main vector is deer tick bites. The hard part is detecting when you have a tick. They’re so small that it’s hard to find them until the bacteria have had a chance to get into your bloodstream. If you notice flu-like symptoms — fatigue, headaches, joint pain, rash — you may be experiencing early signs of the condition. Be sure to see a doctor immediately — Lyme disease can progress into a very serious condition, attacking your nervous system and heart. You’re best off never even encountering the disease. Here are a few tips to avoid tick bites.

Wear Proper Clothing

TicksTick Control can’t get to areas they can’t touch. If you go outside during the fall, make sure you cover your arms, ankles, and feet. Tucking in your shirt and even taping down the openings of your clothing will prevent ticks from getting to most of your body. This is especially important if you’re about to rake leaves, go in the woods, or spend longer than an hour outside.

Use Proper Bug Spray

Chemicals make for even stronger tick control. Permethrin, an odorless and non-staining chemical, is naturally both toxic and repellent to ticks and mosquitoes. One study found that, while wearing permethrin-treated socks and shoes, people were 73.6 times less likely to get a tick bite than those with regular footwear. You won’t even notice it on your clothes. If you supplement your permethrin clothing with DEET body spray, ticks are likely to steer clear.  

Area Tick Control

If you’d rather not have to put on a suit of armor to just go outside, professional tick control can eradicate any Lyme-carrying population around your property and prevent them from ever returning. With Massachusetts experiencing four and a half times more diagnoses of Lyme disease than the national average, the risk might not be worth it. 

Get a professional to treat your property. Mosquito Shield of South Shore, Cape Cod & South Coast uses a three-prong mosquito and tick control system that kills ticks, covers the factors that attract them to humans, and applies a repellent coating to your property to keep ticks away. Start your tick-free fall today by calling them at (781) 424-5697 or by visiting their website.

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