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A word on Acute Neck Stiffness...From the desk of your Chiropractor! October 7, 2017

Onalaska, La Crosse County
A word on Acute Neck Stiffness...From the desk of your Chiropractor!, Onalaska, Wisconsin

For the past week or so, it seems that everyone has come in with an acute “stiff neck”. “I just woke up with it”, they say! When this happens I know there is something going on...either the change in the weather or allergies or a virus that triggers these symptoms. I just wanted to take a few minutes and give you some tips and tricks if you or your loved ones are suffering from this!

First and foremost, YOU NEED TO GET ADJUSTED! This problem will resolve on its own, but it does so much more quickly if you get the bones lined up properly and the nervous system is allowed to function better! Remember, getting adjusted boosts the immune system by 60%.

Secondly, only use ice, heat can feel good in the moment but it also brings more blood flow to the area which causes more inflammation and swelling. This is something you DO NOT need more of in this area. The only exception to this is an Epsom salt soak or stretch your neck in the hot water of the shower. However, immediately place ice on the area after you get out of the warm water.

If you come into my office, I also like to utilize the laser (Low Level Light Therapy). This is a therapy that used along with the adjustment can magnify the effects of the treatment. It uses a specific frequency of light to work at the cellular level and speed the soft tissue healing.

Finally, I like to recommend a product that I carry in the office call Formula 303. These are natural muscle relaxers that are made from Homeopathic levels of magnesium, Passionflower, and Valerian Root. Unlike prescription muscle relaxers, these little guys don’t make you feel loopy or goofy! As I like to tell my patients, you can operate all the heavy machinery you’d like while taking these!

I hope this helps and if your would like to more information, please call us at Feils Knapp Chiropractic Center, 608-783-9355, to schedule an appointment.

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