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What You Should Know About High-Mileage Products Before Your Next Oil Change October 20, 2017

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What You Should Know About High-Mileage Products Before Your Next Oil Change, Anchorage, Alaska

While drivers often understand the importance of engine oil and routine oil changes, they are sometimes surprised to learn that there are formulas designed for a variety of automotive needs. If you have an older vehicle, switching to a high-mileage oil can improve your driving experience. Here, the team at Alaskan Auto Center in Anchorage explains this unique product.

Oil Change Experts Discuss High-Mileage Formulas

What Is High-Mileage Oil?

Motor oil is designed to lubricate the engine’s moving parts and prevent corrosion. This helps the system run smoothly and last longer. The fluid also contains cleaning additives that prevent oil sludge from building up inside the engine.

oil change Anchorage AKHigh-mileage oil is unique in that it has some additives that regular products do not. This product’s seal conditioners strengthen the gaskets to prevent leaks, as this is a common problem in older vehicles. It also has stronger detergents than regular oil to remove existing sludge buildup in addition to preventing accumulation.

When Should I Switch?

Some people switch to high-mileage oil when their vehicle hits 75,000 miles, as this is the number many manufacturers recommend and list on their packaging. However, drivers can wait until their vehicle is closer to the 100,000-mile mark if it is in overall good condition. If your car has not yet reached 100,000 miles but shows evidence of oil leaks under the body or blue smoke in the exhaust system, then switch to a high-mileage formula during your next oil change. This will help extend the car’s life span and improve its performance.

During your next oil change, ask the team at Alaskan Auto Center if a high-mileage formula is right for your vehicle. The mechanics will base their recommendation on your driving habits and the car’s condition. The team fulfills a wide range of additional auto maintenance needs, from simple brake repairs to engine replacements. Call (907) 522-7035 to schedule an appointment, and visit the shop online to learn more about their services.

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