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Discover Amazing Sous Vide Cookware From JB Prince, New York’s Restaurant Supply Leader February 6, 2015

NoMad, Manhattan
Discover Amazing Sous Vide Cookware From JB Prince, New York’s Restaurant Supply Leader, Manhattan, New York

Originally pioneered in 1799, then rediscovered by the French in the mid-70s, sous-vide cooking, as practiced by chefs Grant Achatz of Alinea and Thomas Keller of French Laundry, has recently experienced a massive resurgence in popularity. This slow cooking, low temperature method­ involves pre-searing the dish, and then vacuum sealing it before slowly bringing it to a precise temperature in a bath of hot water. This approach is truly a blend of art and science, and requires highly specialized equipment. 

Luckily, JB Prince, New York City’s premier chef equipment and restaurant supply store, carries a range of top-of-the-line sous vide cookware. But why should chefs and foodies consider adopting this approach? 

  • Texture and Tenderness: Meat dishes cooked in this way retain their texture to a degree that no other method can match; and, since they are cooked at a lower temperature, your cuts are guaranteed to be tenderer.
  • Temperature Regulation: With this method, it’s literally impossible to overcook your meal, as the temperature of the food will rise exactly to the temperature of the water.
  • Integrity of Ingredients: Because the dish you’re preparing is sealed in a bag, there’s no risk of losing the food’s juices and aromas, and the lower temperatures keep the flavor of all ingredients perfectly intact.

If you truly want to make a mark as a chef—or if you truly want to blow away your friends’ taste buds—you should consider this innovative approach. And certainly, when it comes to sous-vide cookware, JB Prince has absolutely everything you’ll ever need, like the Classic Series with Cage, which revolutionized the restaurant industry; or the Chef Series Thermal Calculator, which allows you to precisely gauge water temperature.

Once you’ve tasted the difference, and experienced the convenience and precision of the sous-vide approach, your customers, family or friends will be hooked for life. Browse JB Prince’s website or stop by the shop to see all of the cookware that this restaurant supply store has to offer. If cooking is your passion, there’s simply nowhere else to go.  

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