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The Pros & Cons of Wide Plank Wood Flooring October 23, 2017

Manorville, Suffolk County
The Pros & Cons of Wide Plank Wood Flooring, Manorville, New York

Plank flooring has been used in homes for decades, but modern trends have transformed this traditional hardwood look. More homeowners are now choosing to go beyond the standard three-inch strips. They are adding wide boards between five inches and 12 inches to create a more rustic and warm environment.

Below are few pros and cons of choosing plank wood flooring in a larger width size:

  • More Expensive: Typically, the wider the board, the more it will cost. Depending on the material and width, you can expect to pay up to $12 or $15 per square foot, which is twice the cost of narrower plank flooring.
  • Easy Installation: Due to their width there is no need to cut these boards into additional strips. This means that after they are milled, they are often ready to be installed. Since the planks are much bigger, they cover space more quickly; so, there is less for the flooring contractor to do during installation.flooring manorville ny
  • Fewer Options: Since it must be produced from bigger trees, plank flooring has fewer lumber options than narrower strips. However, you’ll still be able to choose from many popular options, including Eastern White Pine, Cherry, Hard Maple, and Walnut.
  • More Susceptible to Moisture: All hardwood floors are susceptible to moisture to some degree, but wide planks tend to warp more than their skinnier cousins. However, there are measures you can take, such as choosing a lumber material that is ideal for your environment and installing a vapor barrier under the floor, to protect against any cupping or buckling.


If you are thinking about updating the flooring in your home, contact Hamptons Wood Flooring in Manorville, NY, to determine if plank wood is the best option. Their expert team of craftsmen and designers offer hardwood floor installation, restoration, and finishing services to the entire South Hampton region. Speak to them today by calling (631) 839-7397. You can also visit their website to view their gallery of past projects.

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