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3 Tips Every Restaurant Should Know About Grease Trap Cleaning October 13, 2017

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3 Tips Every Restaurant Should Know About Grease Trap Cleaning, Corbin, Kentucky

Owning a restaurant is no easy task, and there are hundreds of elements of management and maintenance that have to work well for everything to run smoothly. Keeping a clean restaurant is of utmost importance, and grease trap cleaning plays a large role in that cleanliness. To help you better understand the importance of cleaning your restaurant’s grease trap regularly, the crew from Cox’s Septic Service in Corbin, KY, have shared three pieces of advice.

Top 3 Grease Trap Cleaning Tips

1. Neglecting Is Not an Option

Cleaning your restaurant’s grease trap is a non-negotiable necessity for every restaurant. The grease trap is a vital part of maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in your restaurant. As food is washed off of plates and cookware, the raw materials all go straight down the drain. It’s the job of the grease trap to catch all the grease and oil and ensure they do not clog up your drains. Failure to clean this can lead to costly plumbing bills and an unpleasant experience in the back of house.

2. Set Up a Schedule

grease trap cleaningThe easiest way to avoid clogs or other plumbing issues is to set up a regular cleaning schedule for your grease trap. While every restaurant or space may be different depending on volume, every two months is a good place to start. After your second cleaning, your grease trap service will be able to tell you if you should raise or lower the frequency of cleanings.

3. Signs to Look Out For

While regular maintenance should prevent most major issues, there are a few signs that point to something possibly being wrong with your grease trap. Low water pressure, diminished water levels in toilets, and slow-draining sinks in other parts of the restaurant can all point back to a clog or other issue. The one sign that will take you no time to notice is the smell. When grease traps back up, all the organic matter within produces some pretty strong odors. Save yourself, your staff, and your guests the displeasure of ever having to smell it.

If you are in need of grease trap cleaning, septic tank care, or other waste removal services in the Corbin, KY, area, trust the team from Cox’s Septic Service to get it done right. Their team of qualified technicians will provide fast and efficient work with high-quality customer service. Call them today at (606) 528-­4782 or visit them online to schedule your next cleaning.

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