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5 Reasons to Eat Breakfast Every Morning November 15, 2017

Downtown Honolulu, Honolulu
5 Reasons to Eat Breakfast Every Morning, Honolulu, Hawaii

Eating breakfast is one of the healthiest ways to start your day. Aside from its tasty perks, research strongly links breakfast food to endurance, memory, weight loss, and overall health. Krazy Kitchen is dedicated to satiating your morning appetite with their unique Hawaiian dishes and traditional island delights. Jump-starting your day with breakfast from the Honolulu restaurant will help your body in several ways. 

5 Benefits of Breakfast Food

1. Enhanced Endurance

Many believe working out on an empty stomach in the morning allows you to exercise with more ease and speed. However, it causes quick muscle breakdown and fatigue. With an insufficient calorie count, the body does not have the energy it needs to execute an intensive, quality workout. Therefore, for active individuals, eating breakfast is essential to providing the body with energy for productive physical activity.

2. Better Memory

breakfast foodA study conducted by the Journal of Adolescent Health found a direct correlation between eating energizing breakfast food and improved short-term memory. The same study also found those who regularly ate breakfast showed higher levels of creativity, critical thought, and focus.

3. Weight Loss

Those who consume more calories in the morning typically eat less throughout the day. As a result, this practice is one of the most effective ways to lose unwanted pounds, as it curbs midday hunger.

4. Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Enjoying the breakfast food of your choice may also lessen your likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. A study of 27,000 male participants found that those who skipped breakfast were 27% more likely to develop diabetes. In the same study, women over 65 were 28% more likely to be diagnosed with the disease. 

5. Overall Health

When you skip breakfast, your body doesn’t receive the necessary nutrition. A recent government report found the average adult body requires 1,000 milligrams of calcium, 25 grams of fiber, 4,700 milligrams of potassium, and 310 milligrams of magnesium to efficiently operate. Even when supplemented with multivitamins, consuming these amounts of nutrients each day is challenging. With breakfast making up 30% of your daily nutritional intake, it should be a habit every morning.

When it comes to providing you the nutrition your body needs, Krazy Kitchen has you covered. The Hawaiian restaurant offers dine-in, delivery, and catering, and their skilled cooks are committed to serving local foods from the island’s exclusive regions. Call (808) 537-7878 to hear about their delicious daily specials, and visit them online to explore their full-service catering menu.