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4 Ways SAT Test Prep Will Help Your Student Feel Ready October 18, 2017

Spencerville, Montgomery
4 Ways SAT Test Prep Will Help Your Student Feel Ready, Spencerville, Maryland

Taking the SAT is a source of stress in a high school student’s life. Though the score is only part of a well-rounded college application, a high one will dramatically increase a teen’s acceptances and chances of earning scholarships. Don’t leave this important test score to chance; enlisting SAT test prep with a trained tutor will give your child the advantage they need to succeed.

Top 4 Benefits of Getting SAT Test Prep 

1. Understand the Test

Did you know that a student should not spend an equal amount of time on each SAT question? The problems grow increasingly more difficult as the test progresses, which means it’s best to spend more time on questions toward the end. A tutor will offer tips, tricks, and strategies such as this to ensure your teen understands how the exam works and is prepared to take the best possible approach. 

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

sat test prepJust like swinging a bat or playing the piano, the SAT gets easier with practice. Taking sample exams allows students to get comfortable with the format and time limits. It also builds their testing endurance, which is a must-have, as the SAT is over three hours long!

3. Know When to Guess

Even with practice, students will not know every answer. It’s usually better to guess and move on than to spend several minutes on a single question and possibly run out of time. Also, if teens learn how to eliminate wrong answers, they will improve their ability to make an educated guess when necessary.

4. Be Confident 

Confidence in their ability to take and succeed at the SAT is key. A prep course will decrease your student’s anxiety thanks to all the practice, familiarity, and knowledge. If your child walks into the exam feeling prepared to do their best, they have already tackled one of the most difficult aspects of standardized testing.


Give your teenager the confidence and preparedness they need to earn a great SAT score. Mathnasium of Northern Silver Spring in Maryland will help your child understand, embrace, and love math through tutoring and programs that recognize their strengths and needs. Their highly trained team encourage each student to reach their potential, whether they need a homework tutor or SAT test prep. Call (301) 879-2848 to speak with a representative, or check out their schedule online.