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3 Ways to Prevent Running-Related Sports Injuries October 13, 2017

NoMad, Manhattan
3 Ways to Prevent Running-Related Sports Injuries, Manhattan, New York

Running is a physically demanding sport that can take a large toll on an athlete’s body, especially their knees and feet. And with the NYC Marathon coming up in November, it’s more important than ever to learn how you can reduce your risk of sports injuries while running. MVMT Physical Therapy in New York, NY, provides the highest quality physical therapy and rehabilitation for patients who are post-surgery or were hurt playing sports. Here, the staff explains a few ways to prevent running-related injuries.

How to Avoid Sports Injuries While Running

1. Wear the Right Shoes

Wearing the wrong shoes for running can have serious repercussions, such as knee problems and shin splints. When you head to your local running store, ask an associate to test your feet so you can find a shoe with the appropriate cushioning.

2. Do Strength Training

sports injuryMany runners stick to only their sport and overlook the benefits of cross-training with weights for a few days each week. Weighted squats and lunges can build the quadriceps and lower the risk of injury to the knees. Core training with the medicine ball and roman chair will also strengthen the hips and gluteal muscles while increasing your muscular endurance and overall strength.

3. Always Stretch

Before you head out on your run, warm up the muscles and get the blood flowing with some light stretching. Make sure to incorporate your hamstrings and calves. Even the most basic of stretches can help prevent a serious knee or hip injury.

The right precautions will lower your risk of harm, but damage may still occur. If you’re suffering from a running-related sports injury, turn to the highly qualified team at MVMT Physical Therapy in New York City for top-notch care. Call (646) 430-5717 to schedule your initial consultation, and visit the website for more information about their comprehensive range of services. 

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