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How to Plan a Private Funeral October 17, 2017

Pearl City, Ewa
How to Plan a Private Funeral, Ewa, Hawaii

Often, when a loved one passes away, funeral planning adds to the stress and sadness surrounding the event. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re planning a memorial service, you have the right to insist upon an event that provides comfort and solace to the bereaved and honors the deceased’s wishes. Sometimes, the best way to accomplish these goals is to plan a private funeral and limit the guest list.

Guide to Planning a Private Funeral

Plan the Ceremony

An end of life celebration should keep the wishes of the departed loved one in mind. If they expressed specific preferences about who should attend a service, do your best to honor them. Otherwise, stay true to you and your family’s needs during funeral planning. Choose a location and refreshments that suit your budget and desires.

Include Restrictions in the Announcement

FuneralOnce you settle on the details of the funeral, decide what services you will invite people to. Perhaps the burial will be private but you’ll hold a public reception. Maybe you want the entire memorial service to include only close friends and family. Whatever you decide, include these stated restrictions in the death announcement or obituary.

Publish the Obituary After the Funeral

One method for preventing unwanted guests is to limit the number of people who know about your loss. Wait until after a funeral to publish an obituary so that only those who you wish to know about your ceremony will. There is no formal timeline for announcing a death, so waiting until after a service is perfectly acceptable.


For skilled and compassionate guidance when planning a celebration of life, contact Leeward Funeral Home in Pearl City, HI. Their team of experts can assist you with every detail of a burial and memorial service. To learn more about Oahu’s trusted funeral home, call (808) 455-1041 or visit their website.
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