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Lexington’s Water Heater Repair Specialists Explain Which Type of Infrastructure Is Best October 11, 2017

Plantation, Lexington-Fayette Southwest
Lexington’s Water Heater Repair Specialists Explain Which Type of Infrastructure Is Best, Lexington-Fayette Southwest, Kentucky

Buying a new water heater takes some insight into the market — without knowledge, you may wind up with a unit that isn’t so compatible with your lifestyle or home. It’s wise to consult a respected plumber so you can be sure you’re making the right decision. Serving Lexington, KY, and the surrounding areas, Pro-Fetick Plumbing has established a reputation for knowing everything there is to know about water heaters. With a special expertise in water heater repair, you can count on the plumbing contractor for handy information related to these units. 

Here is a survey of three different types of water heaters from the Lexington crew. 

  • Standard Water Heater: These water heaters rely on a tank of water that is always being heated. In effect, it never shuts off, and any time the temperature of the water falls below a set point, the unit restarts. The biggest benefit of this system is that you’ll always have hot water at a moment’s notice and you’ll have it in a large supply. The downside is that the constant usage requires a lot of energy, so your utility costs may be steeper than expected. 
  • water heater repairTankless Water Heater: These units don’t have tanks, so they only have the capacity to heat a small amount of water at a time. As opposed to standard water heaters, they run on demand, so you’re never wasting energy. While you’ll save a significant amount of money each month on utilities, you’ll have difficulty running hot water to two different areas of your home — say, if you wanted to take a shower at the same time someone was doing a load of laundry. 
  • Electric Water Heater: This type of infrastructure extracts heat from the air to create hot water. It works best in warm climates when the air supply is naturally hot. In those environments, the energy savings offered by the machine have the potential to be massive. In colder regions, the efficiency may not be as eye-opening. These machines are also known for requiring a little more maintenance than their counterparts, so it’s important to have a good water heater repair specialist on hand to troubleshoot issues. 

Whether you’re looking for more advice on which unit to get or you’re in need of a water heater repair, don’t hesitate to contact Pro-Fetick Plumbing. You can speak to a friendly staff representative by calling (859) 263-5727. Learn more about the plumber by visiting their website

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