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3 Significant Differences Between Delivery & Courier Services October 20, 2017

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3 Significant Differences Between Delivery & Courier Services, Wasilla, Alaska

A courier service is an excellent alternative to standard postal delivery that can help you save time and money. If you need to have a letter or package delivered quickly, a courier is your best choice for ensuring it arrives on its due date. While both services will get your packages to their destination, they differ in several ways.

3 Differences Between Delivery & Courier Services

1. A Courier Is More Efficient

Unlike postal delivery, a courier express service can deliver your items the day you send them — just ask for their cutoff time for parcel pickup and schedule your service. A trustworthy courier will ensure same-day delivery. If you have an oversized package, a courier company will accept it as long as it fits in their vehicle and is legal to ship.

2. Courier Pricing Adapts to Your Needs

Courier serviceInstead of a flat delivery rate for similarly sized envelopes or boxes, courier pricing is based on your particular item. They will weigh and measure your package and provide a price based on those figures. Since their fees are customized to each package, a courier service often is significantly more affordable than a delivery service, which might have the same price for each box size regardless of its weight.

3. A Courier Offers Personalized Service

A local courier is likely to be more familiar with regular customers than a postal delivery service that has a large staff and changing routes. If something goes wrong with your delivery, you can resolve the issue with management and staff members who recognize you as a valued client.


For reliable same-day delivery of letters and parcels, use the courier services of Kidd Curry Express in Wasilla, AK. They serve the Anchorage area with affordable and efficient deliveries, protecting your items at every stage of the process from pickup to drop-off. Visit them online to learn more about their offerings and call (907) 373-3278 to schedule service with a local courier. Check their Google+ page for more advice from the company. 
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