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How Doctors Treat Chronic Sinus Problems October 12, 2017

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How Doctors Treat Chronic Sinus Problems, Kalispell, Montana

It’s not uncommon to suffer from sinus problems, but if you’ve experienced swollen and clogged nasal passages for more than 12 weeks, you should seek treatment. This condition is referred to as chronic sinusitis. Symptoms include discoloration of the mucous, congestion, painful swelling and pressure-like feeling around the eyes, cheeks, and nose, and an overall reduced sense of taste and smell. Patients may also report achy mouth, sore throat, a cough, fatigue, and nausea.

Seeking a Doctor

IfSinus Problems you have recurrent episodes of sinus problems that last for at least seven days, consider seeing a doctor. Seek immediate medical care if you experience high fevers, double vision, and stiff neck. These all indicate serious infection and should be reported to a doctor immediately.

Allergy Testing

Ear, Nose, Throat specialists are qualified to perform allergy testing, which is used to pin down the source of your sinusitis. Testing involves taking a tiny sample of a suspected allergen and pricking your skin with it. If you’re allergic, your skin will become red and irritated. Some types of allergens call for blood testing, in which a small amount of the allergen is injected into the bloodstream. The equipment and allergen samples used in allergy testing are typically very small, so they don’t cause very much discomfort.

Addressing Causes of Sinus Problems

Eye, nose, and throat specialists are able to use this information to better treat the cause of your sinusitis. If allergies are ruled out, they can explore other causes, including viral infection or assessing nasal polyps — growths inside the nose that can block up sinuses — or deviated septa, in which the wall between the nostrils gets crooked. This can cause also block nasal passages.

Stubborn sinusitis can be cleared up in as little as one trip to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Trust yours to Glacier Ear, Nose & Throat, in Kalispell, MT, who has been serving the community for of over 30 years. They offer a full range of medical services. Call them today at (406) 745-8330.  

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