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3 Winter Pests to Watch Out For—From Lexington's Top Bug Exterminators February 13, 2015

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
3 Winter Pests to Watch Out For—From Lexington's Top Bug Exterminators, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

While it’s relatively easy for bugs and other pests to enter your home through open doors and windows during the warmer months, they can also find their way inside through unsightly cracks during the winter. Whether you need assistance with mouse extermination, cockroach extermination, or any other kind of extermination service, the experts at Guarantee Pest Control will ensure that your home is kept safe from any unwanted visitors. The company has been serving homeowners throughout Lexington, KY since 1953, and will effectively get rid of any pest issue you may have.

During the winter, there are several pests that can cause frustrations for you as a homeowner:

  • Stink Bugs: One of the most recent additions to occasional invaders in our area that show up during the winter months.  These pets over winter in homes and structures then show up inside, sometimes dead or still crawling.  Your vacuum cleaner is your best defense to eliminate these unwanted guests when they show up in your home.
  • Cluster Flies: Like stink bugs, these pests will over winter in your home, then emerge on warm sunny days and head for windows looking for a way out.  Cluster flies are extremely slow and easy to vacuum up when you find them.
  • Lady Bugs: Another over winter pest that emerges out on sunny days in the home.  They are attracted to windows and light colored walls, vacuuming them up is clean and effective.

Over wintering pests entered your home in the fall before the cold weather arrives so that they can survive the winter months.  treatment for those pests are not effective in the winter as they are already in the structure.  Things you can do in the fall to help prevent the invasion are, caulking or sealing cracks outside about windows and wood trim, or screenings vents all help eliminate access points.  Vacuuming up the ones that made it indoors is clean and effective elimination of these unwanted pests.  

For help with your pest problems, contact the professionals at Guarantee Pest Control to get your home pest free.  Visit us online of call (856) 254-2076 for more information.

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