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Top 5 Energy-Saving Tips for Hawaii Residents October 18, 2017

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
Top 5 Energy-Saving Tips for Hawaii Residents, Kahului, Hawaii

Help keep Hawaii and the rest of the world green and beautiful by putting energy-saving tips into practice. Switching to solar energy, for example, reduces your carbon footprint as well as your utility bills, so you can enjoy living in a tropical paradise without spending a fortune. Below are a few tips to keep your expenses and impact on the environment low. 

How to Save Energy

1. Install Solar Panels

Start your home energy makeover with solar energy. Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic systems, provide a renewable energy source following installation to power your home for years. Maintenance is minimal, and the Hawaiian sun provides more than enough light to keep the panels in constant operation.

2. Rethink Your Air Conditioning & Pool Heating Systems

solar energyIn addition to solar panels, consider switching to solar air conditioning and pool heating systems. Air conditioners and pools are staples in many homes throughout the tropical island chain and unfortunately consume a lot of power. Systems that use solar energy, on the other hand, keep your carbon footprint small.

3. Use Fans Whenever Possible

Fight sweltering Hawaiian heat with fans as much as possible to save on your cooling bills. Fans, especially those on the ceiling, also help circulate cold air from your air conditioner. 

4. Air-Dry Clothes

Take advantage of the Hawaiian heat by air-drying your clothes on a line outside instead of using your dryer. Go a step further and air-dry anything you can, such as dishes and your hair. Remember, every little bit counts toward lower bills and a greener planet.

5. Make Certain You’re Not Wasting Water

Check every faucet and toilet in your home for leaks. Even the smallest cracks can waste gallons over time and boost your water bills. Get any leaks professionally repaired to ensure the issue is dealt with.


Discuss these and other energy-saving tips with the friendly team at Sun King in Kahului, HI, today. The solar power company offers quality and efficient equipment, including solar heaters, air conditioners, and panels. Call (808) 599-7793 to speak with a knowledgeable team member, and visit the website to view their solar energy services. 

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