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Onalaska Dentists Share 3 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Halloween October 13, 2017

Onalaska, La Crosse County
Onalaska Dentists Share 3 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Halloween, Onalaska, Wisconsin

Overloading on candy is a Halloween tradition, but it’s important to understand the dangers you’re exposing your teeth to. Sugars, acids, and more all pose significant risks to your mouth, and the staff at Dental Clinic of Onalaska in La Crosse County want to share advice on how to protect them. These dentist-approved tips will ensure you still get to enjoy your candy without harming your teeth, so put them to use after trick-or-treating.

3 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Halloween

1. Avoid Chewy Candies

Gummy, chewy, and sticky candies may be delicious, but they can cause more harm than the others. Because they’re so difficult to chew, they can easily pull out fillings or bonds, damage braces, and even strain your ligaments. To save yourself the trouble of a surprise visit to the dentist, set these candies aside after Halloween and stick to the stuff that’s easier to chew.

2. Brush After Eating

dentist-dental-clinic-of-onalaskaThe largest problem with Halloween candy is that it leaves large amounts of sugar and acids on your teeth. These begin eating away at enamel and can lead to decay and other dental issues. To avoid them while still enjoying candy, establish a rule to brush, floss, and rinse after eating any. This will clear most of the sugars and acids from your teeth and minimize the spread of decay. Ask your dentist about a preferred routine, as well as any specific dental care tools to use.

3. Set a Limit

With piles of candy at your disposal, it’s easy to eat beyond your fill. This massive amount of sugar can cause irreparable damage to your teeth. To avoid a sugar overload, set a daily limit for how much candy you and your family can eat. If it helps, put away candy and only set out the amount you’re allowed.

By taking these safety steps, this Halloween will pay off in the long run, so follow the advice of the dental team at Dental Clinic of Onalaska. Their family dentists offer comprehensive dental care and can ensure you and your family are maintaining healthy oral hygiene. Call (608) 783-3341 today to schedule an appointment with a dentist and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about the services their general dentists provide.

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