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5 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car October 17, 2017

Puyallup, Pierce
5 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car, Puyallup, Washington

Buying a vehicle is a significant investment, which is why you should inspect used cars thoroughly before you make a purchase. Finding the right car dealership can be difficult. Fortunately, Puyallup Car and Truck in Pierce County, WA, focuses on excellent customer service and offering a wide selection of vehicles at great prices. If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, here are five things to check before you buy.

Top 5 Things to Check on Used Cars

1. New Paint

If you notice that a used car or truck seems to have been painted recently, you’ll want to be extra thorough in your inspection. New paint can be used to cover up rust or the signs of an accident. When you notice fresh paint, make sure everything else is in good condition.

2. Exhaust Pipe Emissions

used carsDuring your inspection, turn the engine on and look at the color of the exhaust. Blue emissions mean that the engine burns oil, while black emissions can be a sign of too much oil consumption. Either way, you want to avoid cars with these problems.

3. Odors

If you notice strange smells when the car runs, it’s best to avoid that vehicle. Different smells indicate different problems, but none of them are good signs. Likewise, if you notice that heavy air freshener is being used in the vehicle, you’ll want to ask questions; it’s possible that the dealer is trying to cover something up.

4. Brakes

When you go for a test drive, make sure that the brakes work smoothly, noiselessly, and without causing the car to drift. If the car is supposed to have anti-lock brakes, make sure those function correctly as well.

5. Batteries

While you have the hood open, inspect the battery terminals. Double-check that there’s no corrosion on them—corroded car batteries can prevent the car from starting and will weaken the lifespan of the batteries.

As long as you do your research, there’s no reason why a dependable used car shouldn’t offer you years of enjoyment. Puyallup Car and Truck in Pierce County, WA, serves clients with special deals, helpful staff, and a wide selection of high-quality vehicles. To learn more, visit their website or call them at 1 (888) 735-7979.

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