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Concord Dentist Shares 5 Tips to Recover After a Root Canal October 17, 2017

Concord, Cabarrus
Concord Dentist Shares 5 Tips to Recover After a Root Canal, Concord, North Carolina

Root canal treatment resolves significant issues in the sensitive pulp of your teeth, and, because of this, proper aftercare is important. The staff at Dr. Jeffrey A. Fink Family Dentistry in Cabarrus County, NC, advise that you can both aid in and potentially speed up the recovery process. If you’ve recently had a root canal procedure or are planning to have one done, here are some dentist-approved aftercare tips.

5 Tips to Recover After a Root Canal

1. Wait for the Numbness to Go Away

Although you may be hungry after surgery, you shouldn’t put anything in your mouth until the anesthesia wears off. Because this area is numb, you’ll have less bite control and may injure your tongue or cheek. You may also not be able to chew sufficiently, which can lead to choking.

2. Chew on the Other Side of Your Mouth

The tooth that was operated on is in a sensitive state. Putting too much pressure on it may cause pain or even damage the filling. If you eat any tough or hard foods, chew on the other side of your mouth for a few days, so no stress is placed on the area that was operated on.

3. Take Painkillers as Prescribed

dentistYour dentist will likely prescribe light painkillers to help you deal with any postoperative pain. You should follow their exact instructions on taking them. They can be highly addictive, and some have strong side-effects, so take them only as your dentist advises.

4. Reduce Swelling

Ligaments surrounding the surgery area may become inflamed in the following days. This can make it painful to bite or even speak in more serious cases. You can reduce swelling by applying an ice pack in 15-minute intervals. While swelling is common, it’s important to bring this to your dentist’s attention.

5. Follow Up With Your Dentist

Once you’ve recovered, don’t assume everything is perfect. Your dentist should take one last look at the area to ensure everything looks correct. Any underlying issues could lead to a repeat surgery or other problems. This is also a good time to go over any concerns or dental care questions you have.

Whether you need a root canal or basic dental services, turn to the staff at Dr. Jeffrey A. Fink Family Dentistry. They offer a variety of general and cosmetic services and can ensure you’re maintaining effective oral health. Call (704) 788-6777 today to schedule an appointment with a dentist, and visit their website and Facebook page to learn about their emergency service.

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