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Relieve Snow-Related Injuries With Acupuncture & Massage Therapy February 12, 2015

Jamaica Central - South Sumner, Boston
Relieve Snow-Related Injuries With Acupuncture & Massage Therapy, Boston, Massachusetts

It’s wintertime, and in Jamaica Plain, that means lots of snow and lots of shoveling. While shoveling is very necessary during the winter months, it increases the risk of back, neck, and shoulder injuries. If you’ve been injured while heaving snow from your driveway this season, Green Street Massage can help you relieve the pain. With expert massage therapists and acupuncturists on staff, this health and wellness center is equipped to give you the kind of care you need after an injury.

Here are three ways Green Street Massage can help you relieve the pain of a snow-related injury:

  • Acupuncture: Rather than zeroing in on a single body part, this pain-relieving practice focuses on treating the whole body as a complete system. Using needles to activate certain points on the body, your acupuncturist will create a better flow of energy through your limbs and back to achieve the pain relief you need.
  • Massage: The main philosophy of massage therapy is that healthy muscles lead to healthy joints which, in turn, relieve the body of pain. When you receive a massage from a professional massage therapist, they’ll assess your posture, movement, muscle tissue, and sensations to understand how best to handle your injury.
  • Yoga: Most people are familiar with yoga as a form of full-body exercise, but rehabilitative or restorative yoga focuses on strengthening a particular body part. In practicing restorative yoga, you’ll target muscles in a weakened region, like your back or shoulders, and work to improve its strength and mobility.

To learn more about how to ease the pain from a snow-related injury, or to schedule a massage therapy session, give Green Street Massage a call at (617) 942-0149 or visit their website.

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