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3 Situations That Can Benefit From the Services of an Auto Accident Lawyer October 12, 2017

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3 Situations That Can Benefit From the Services of an Auto Accident Lawyer, Dothan, Alabama

Being involved in a car accident can have a profound impact on your health, life, and ability to feel calm and confident behind the wheel. In the aftermath of a car crash, you might be unsure if you need the services of an auto accident lawyer. Fortunately, there are some situations that can be bettered by the advice and guidance of a legal professional; below, three of these scenarios are discussed in more detail.

Situations That Benefit From the Services of an Auto Accident Lawyer

1. Insurers Have Denied Your Claim

If an insurance company, either your own or the insurer of another party involved in the accident, has denied your claim, consider this a sign that a call to an auto accident lawyer is in order. Insurers, especially those not your own, will often do whatever is necessary not to provide you with needed coverage. An attorney understands how to deal with insurance companies and cut through their sometimes-questionable tactics to get you the care you need.

2. Liability Is in Dispute

auto accident lawyerNot every car accident is a clear-cut case of one driver being totally in the right and the other being totally in the wrong. There is a delicate interplay of factors that figure into any crash. If you feel you are not 100 percent liable for the events that transpired, it is time to contact an auto accident lawyer. For example, if you hit a driver who was distracted in some way, blame could potentially be shared between you.

3. You Incur Significant Medical Bills

Even when liability is a non-issue and the other driver’s insurer accepts the claim, even bigger problems often arise when it comes to the subject of medical bills. Under Alabama law, hospitals have the right to demand payment from any and all insurance proceeds, regardless of whether or not you have been compensated for any of your own personal damages (lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.). And if you have health insurance to pay the hospital bill, even your health insurance carrier usually has a contractual right to demand to be paid back first out of any insurance proceeds. In situations where the total medical bills meet or exceed the total amount of auto insurance coverage, an auto accident attorney is often essential in sorting out this confusion and negotiating your position.


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