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3 Smart Reasons to See the Kids' Dentist Before the Holidays October 13, 2017

Downtown Eagle River, Anchorage
3 Smart Reasons to See the Kids' Dentist Before the Holidays, Anchorage, Alaska

The holiday season is approaching fast. While you prepare for your vacation or fun family festivities, you can check an important item off your to-do list by getting your kids' dentist exams done now. Discovery Dental in Eagle River, AK, knows vacations and parties will fill schedules quickly, which is why they are encouraging their patients to visit for teeth cleanings and X-rays ahead of time. Explore their brightest reasons for scheduling your kids’ dentist appointments during the fall. 

Improve Dental Health 

Kids-DentistThe holiday season means treats like sticky candy, sweet cookies, and rich hot chocolate. An exam will ensure your child’s teeth are bright and healthy now, so they can avoid problems while they are on vacation. During your appointment, they will have teeth and gums carefully examined, so cavities or sensitivity are addressed before they are out of school. If fillings or sealants are needed, you can complete them in plenty of time before Christmas and Hanukkah. 

Use Insurance Benefits 

If your family has dental insurance, it is important to use your benefits before the end of the year. Deductibles will start over again in January, so now is the time for big savings on restorative treatments and necessary procedures. Many patients with insurance also receive low or no-cost preventative dentistry services after meeting their deductible. Visit the dentist before 2018 begins to take advantage of affordable, essential dental care for your children. 

Enjoy Time Off 

The holidays are about enjoying quality time with the ones you love. Chipped teeth or painful cavities are inconvenient to deal with during Thanksgiving or an out-of-town vacation. Evaluate your child’s dental health in autumn to minimize discomfort during special dinners and to avoid unexpected emergencies on the road. 

No matter what you do this holiday season, your family deserves to focus on fun. Make your child’s dental appointment before winter break begins to minimize stress and ensure their pearly whites are healthy. To schedule a kids’ dentist appointment now, call Discovery Dental in Eagle River at (907) 622-5437. To learn more about their caring team and preventative dentistry services, visit their website or follow them on Facebook

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