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How to Create Sustainability Through Permaculture October 13, 2017

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How to Create Sustainability Through Permaculture, Orlando, Florida

Every good gardener should understand the importance of permaculture. Permaculture is the development of intelligent agriculture practices that when done properly can create a completely sustainable and edible landscapes. Gardeners work with surrounding nature to integrate ecosystems, understand natural patterns, and work with their surroundings, so no process is treated as a single-product system. Fuud Inc. in Orlando, FL, believes in the following principles of permaculture that lay the groundwork for a sustainable lifestyle.

The 4 Principles of Permaculture 

1. Live Zero-Waste

Permaculture practices utilize a collaborative system so that no part of the process is wasted. For example, once organic produce has been ripened, picked, and consumed, the leftover scraps can be turned into compost and help the next season’s plants grow. This follows the theory of sustainability—you should get out everything you put into it. Every small step toward sustainability through permaculture also reduces your impact on the environment.

2. Observe & Interact permaculture

To understand how to create a sustainable environment, we must first observe the patterns of nature. For example, in one isolated study, a woman noticed her cherry tree was not bearing much fruit, and the fruit that was there kept getting eaten by birds. She decided to plant horseradish below the tree, which created a bountiful harvest, kept the birds away, and provided her with another crop to use for the following year. This observation of nature’s habits helps us better interact with our surroundings to create a more beneficial ecosystem.

3. Utilize & Respond to Change

To achieve 100% sustainability, we may have to creatively respond to changes as they occur, so we can ensure that no part of the process is wasted. One way to do this is to study how ecosystems change over time or how the previous year's weather patterns affected this year’s crops. This can help you develop more efficient practices for the coming year. 

4. Use & Value Diversity  

Having many different plants in your garden creates a diverse ecosystem. The more varied plants you have, the likelier your garden will thrive and grow stronger. Just like the cherry tree and the horseradish, sometimes seemingly unlikely natural resources work together to benefit one another and grow.

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