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3 Tips to Properly Maintain Your Water Well October 17, 2017

Davenport, Lincoln
3 Tips to Properly Maintain Your Water Well, Davenport, Washington


Water well drilling provides a convenient way to access fresh water for your home. But there's more to owning a well than just digging a hole and adding a well pump. Over time, your well can become contaminated with bacteria or algae, or it can suffer from mineral deposits, which obstruct the flow of water. To keep your amenity in good working order, follow the maintenance recommendations below.

3 Tips to Keep Your Water Well in Top-Quality Shape

1. Avoid Contamination

Your well water comes from the ground beneath your property. The chemicals you use on that property, and the ones used on neighboring properties, can seep into the groundwater and contaminate your well. Consider the effect on your water before you use any chemicals or pesticide. Also, if there are old, neglected wells on your property, they're a direct route to your water supply, so keep an eye on them and, if possible, have them filled in by your local water well drilling company.

2. Focus on Prevention

water well drillingDon't wait until a crisis is present to pay attention to your well. Instead, be proactive about preventative care. Have the water tested and the pump serviced regularly. Pay attention to any changes in your water's taste, smell, or appearance, and have it addressed by a professional if you notice anything different. Additionally, check the well cover to ensure it's secure and in good shape. When doing yard work or landscaping near your well, avoid damaging the cover or piling dirt or debris near the lip.

3. Work With a Professional

Water well drilling and maintenance are complex processes, and the results affect your everyday life. It may be tempting to try and treat your well on your own if you notice an issue. But without experience, you’ll likely just complicate the problem. Leave any repairs or rehabilitation to the local professionals, instead.


Halme Electric and Pump provides both electrical services and water well drilling and maintenance to residents in Davenport, WA. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured they will help you keep all your home’s systems in top-quality condition. Contact them to schedule a visit from a trained electrician by calling (509) 725-3500 or visiting them online today.

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