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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Liquor Liability Insurance October 17, 2017

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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Liquor Liability Insurance, Farmington, Connecticut

If you serve drinks at your establishment or sell sealed bottles of liquor, you need appropriate coverage. After all, you can’t control the actions of rowdy patrons, and if intoxicated customers get into accidents or cause other damage, you could be held partially responsible. Below are three ways liquor liability insurance keeps you out of hot water. 

How Your Business Benefits From Liquor Liability Insurance 

Keeps the Doors Open

In most states, carrying liquor liability insurance isn’t just a good idea; it’s required by law. Each state liquor authority board routinely checks to make sure businesses in alcohol-related industries are up to date with the required insurance and licenses. From expensive fines to forced closures, penalties vary when caught operating without the required documents. Signing up for liquor liability insurance helps keep you in business. 

Protects Employees 

Farmington-Connecticut-liquor-liability-insuranceMost often, liability claims filed against businesses that sell alcohol involve assault and battery allegations against employees. This typically happens when inebriated, rowdy customers are escorted out of the facilities. Liquor liability insurance has safeguards in place to handle claims that result from bar fights and other bad behavior. 

Saves You Money on Legal Fees

If your business is caught up in litigation, retaining a lawyer and paying legal fees quickly adds up. Investing in liquor liability insurance saves you money in the long run as these costs are covered. 


If you need liquor liability insurance for your business, worker compensation coverage for employees, or personal liability insurance to keep you protected, contact the professionals at North American Underwriters in Farmington, CT. To schedule a consultation, call (860) 674-4000 today. Visit the insurance providers online to discover how they will help protect your business from financial and legal liability, and like them on Facebook to learn more about additional insurance benefits. 

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