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Senior Care Experts List 4 Fun Ways to Stay Active October 20, 2017

Senior Care Experts List 4 Fun Ways to Stay Active, West Plains, Missouri

According to a new U.S. study, embracing a moderate exercise regimen can help senior citizens avoid mobility problems and maintain their independence for longer. At West Vue, a comfortable retirement community with two locations in West Plains, MO, finding enjoyable ways to get tenants moving is part of their commitment to senior care. By recommending exercise options that don’t feel like an obligation, their elderly care recipients discover new skills, a sense of camaraderie, and increased mental and physical stimulation. Here are four of their favorite ways to get in the zone.

Senior Care Spotlight: 4 Ways to Stay Active 


A gentle, restorative yoga class is the perfect way for seniors to improve flexibility, relieve aches and pains, and build muscle mass. Better yet, yoga-related breathing exercises and meditation can relieve stress and anxiety. 


Senior CareWhile running may be tough on joints or old injuries, swimming remains an excellent way to get a workout without resorting to high-impact motions. Seniors can participate in a water aerobics class or take a few laps in a community pool to strengthen their cardiovascular system and muscles. 

Outdoor Adventures

Getting outside to participate in an activity is particularly beneficial, as you’ll enjoy the added benefit of vitamin D from the sun’s rays. Whether you like to garden, hike, walk dogs, bird watch, or play tennis with friends, an outdoor workout is always a good idea.


There are plenty of ways to connect with other people at any age. Dancing provides the perfect opportunity to get up and moving and make new friends within your community or retirement home. Plus, learning new steps or choreography is an excellent memory exercise that will keep you sharp. 

To find out more about West Plains, MO’s trusted senior care community, call West Vue today at (417) 256-2152 for their Davis Drive location, or (417) 256-1292 for the Kentucky Avenue site. Visit their website to learn why this retirement community has been home to so many locals since opening in 1965. 

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