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3 Important Reasons to Consider a Mailbox Rental October 15, 2017

Plainview, Oyster Bay
3 Important Reasons to Consider a Mailbox Rental, Oyster Bay, New York

Your mail contains private information, personal and business communications that you want to be kept safe. Today, regular mailboxes at the end of the driveway or entrance to your building may not be the best way to receive correspondence and packages.

Thankfully, there is another option: mailbox rentals. You may have never heard of this convenient way to get mail. Below, Plainview Mailroom™ in New York shares a few reasons why many people turn to mailbox rental services for personal and business mailing.

Why You Should Consider a Mailbox Rental

1. To Keep Your Address Private

Whether you’re running an organization out of your home, or you just prefer to not give out your address, mailbox rentals allow you to receive letters and packages without sharing where you live with senders. This is beneficial in maintaining your privacy and keeping your home and business lives separate from one another.

2. To Hold Your Packages

mailbox-rentals-Plainview-NYArriving home to a note on the door from a missed package delivery can be a pain. Most people aren’t home all the time to be able to receive items in the mail, and going out to the post office or shipping company takes time. Instead of dealing with these issues repeatedly, try a mailbox rental. This way, you know all your packages are safe and secure, and you can get them anytime with 24/7 mailbox access. 

3. To Establish a Permanent Address

It’s not uncommon for people to move frequently, especially if they’re renting or have to travel for work. Don’t worry about tracking down mail from all your moves. Instead, establish a permanent address by using a mailbox rental. This allows you to avoid repeatedly forwarding your mail, and you won’t miss important packages and papers that went to the wrong place.

Mailbox rentals offer secure ways to receive mail without providing your address. You can pick up your items whenever you want with no fear that you’ll miss a delivery. To learn more about the mailbox rental services provided by Plainview Mailroom™, call (516) 935-7447 or visit the website for information on their shipping center, document solutions, computer rentals, and quick printing services.

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