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5 Tree Maintenance Tips for Homeowners October 12, 2017

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5 Tree Maintenance Tips for Homeowners , Florence, Kentucky

Your trees are a beautiful focal point on your property that can thrive for hundreds of years if properly cared for. There are many tree maintenance tips you can enlist to accomplish this. Bluegrass Tree Service, LLC in Florence, KY, helps many homeowners establish an effective regimen for their foliage. Below, their technicians offer a few tasks you can introduce in your yard. 

Tree Maintenance Tips From the Experts

1. Prune in Fall

tree maintenanceWhile pruning in the spring is important, the service should be scheduled before winter as well. The season’s storms are notorious for affecting diseased and dead tree limbs, which can pose a danger to your family and property if they fall. An expert can remove these limbs to eliminate this risk. 

2. Wrap Trees

After their leaves fall, young trees can get something called sunscald. Cover these plants in special wrapping to give them protection similar to what they’d get from leaves. Those close to the road should also receive this treatment to shield them from salt sprays.

3. Schedule Snow Removal

When it starts to snow, have residential tree services come by to remove any accumulation gathered around and on your trees. Snow can encourage fungal growth, and its weight on branches can make even healthy limbs snap.

4. Fight Insects

You should spray for bugs a few times throughout the year, as some varieties burrow into trees and can cause serious damage. If there’s any dead wood on the property such as a fallen tree, have it removed. Pests like termites are attracted to this, and an infestation can quickly wreak havoc on your yard and home. 

5. Check for Seedlings

If any seedlings have planted within 5 feet of your home, pull them out. Removing them when they’re small is much easier to do and will prevent their roots from affecting your property. Know where your major pipelines are so you can keep plants from growing there as well. 

The best step you can take for your trees is hiring someone for professional tree maintenance year round. Contact Bluegrass Tree Service, LLC at (859) 746-0708 to get an estimate for their services and discuss your needs. They cover everything from storm clean-up to stump removal. Visit their Yelp page for more information about their offerings. 

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