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Auto Accident Attorneys Explain How Nebraska Driving Laws Apply to Cell Phones April 3, 2018

Omaha, Douglas
Auto Accident Attorneys Explain How Nebraska Driving Laws Apply to Cell Phones , Omaha, Nebraska

Many people are tempted to reach for their buzzing phone while driving. The experienced auto accident attorneys at Salerno & Associates in Omaha explain that in Nebraska, unlike many other states, picking up a call is legal—unless you’re a novice. However, texting while driving is still forbidden. The rules are not always straightforward, and many are nuanced, so to ensure you’re acting within the scope of the law you must be familiar with it.

What to Know About Cellphone Use on the Road

Rules for Novice Drivers

Those who are under the age of 18 and hold a learner’s permit or intermediate license cannot use cellphones while driving, period. Whether they are handheld or hands-free devices, novice drivers aren’t legally permitted to take calls or use their phone in any capacity if they’re behind the wheel. 

Laws on Texting

auto accident attorneyNo drivers are legally permitted to text and drive in the state of Nebraska. Tablets, laptops, and other digital devices are likewise prohibited. The law is a secondary one, however, which means that the driver can only be ticketed if the officer witnesses a simultaneous violation, or if the driver was involved in an accident.


Violating drivers may be fined $200 for their first texting offense, $300 on their second, and $500 on subsequent ones. They will also be deducted three points against their driver’s license for each offense. Eventually, if the issue persists, it will result in a suspended license. 

If you were accused of texting and driving, consult the auto accident attorneys at Salerno & Associates. They have the legal expertise you need to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. If the incident resulted in severe damages and harm, the firm also handles personal injury. To schedule a consultation, call today at (402) 502-9002. For more information about them, visit the auto injury attorneys online

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