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Importance Elements of Senior Nutrition October 11, 2017

Importance Elements of Senior Nutrition, West Plains, Missouri

As your loved one’s age, it can become increasingly difficult for them to cook nutritious meals. Perhaps, they have health problems that limit their mobility or they live on a fixed income. It’s important to ensure that they’re receiving healthy, well-balanced meals so their body gets essential nutrients. Eating the right foods will aid their cognitive function, increase energy, and help their body fight off illness. The friendly nursing care specialists at West Vue, with locations on Davis Drive and North Kentucky Avenue in West Plains, MO, understand the necessity of a proper diet for seniors and serve delicious, nutritious meals daily. Here, they share some tips for maintaining senior nutrition.

Nursing Care Center Shares Healthy Nutrition Practices for Seniors


Nursing-Care-west-plains-moMake sure they are drinking enough liquids to stay properly hydrated. The general recommendation is eight glasses of water per day; a nursing care specialist can pour a glass and encourage them to drink throughout the day.


Two to three servings of dietary protein per day will help to meet the recommended 45 to 55 grams per day. Lean meats such — as grass-fed beef, chicken, pork, and fish — provide nutrient-dense protein along with nuts and beans. Yogurt, low-fat milk, and cottage cheese are also healthy sources of protein that can be included in your loved one’s diet to add variety.

Omega Fatty Acids

Fish, lean meats, eggs, and nut oils are some of the foods that contain omega fatty acids. These nutrients can reduce inflammation, which is beneficial to seniors with arthritis and other ailments. Foods rich in omega fatty acids should be eaten at least twice per week for good health.


The more people age, the more calcium is needed. Green, leafy vegetables such as kale and collards provide great sources of calcium. Milk and orange juice are also nutritious sources of calcium that can be added to a daily diet. Seniors are more prone to falls, and calcium can strengthen bones to possibly reduce bone breakage.

Low Sodium Intake

Lowering daily salt consumption is advised to prevent or reduce hypertension. Highly processed meals, such as fast food and frozen dinners, contain high levels of sodium, so it’s essential to restrict it and eat fresh, home-cooked meals. Fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, whole wheat bread, and grains are naturally low in sodium and should be incorporated into their diet each week.

Managing your aging family member’s diet is easier when you know what to look out for. The elderly care providers at West Vue in West Plains are dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors. If you would like to more information about their nursing care services call (417) 256-2152 to speak with a member of their team. Visit their website to learn more about their senior living accommodations.

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