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3 Benefits of The Adjustable Office Desk From Extra Office Interiors March 26, 2015

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3 Benefits of The Adjustable Office Desk From Extra Office Interiors, Rahway, New Jersey

To a degree that often goes unnoticed, an office’s furniture—the arrangement and functionality of workstations, cubicles, and desks—has a tremendous influence on the productivity and effectiveness of the work done there. What you don’t want is office furniture that is in conflict with the level of collaboration, work flow, and task orientation you’re trying to promote. This is why, according to the professionals at commercial office solutions leader Extra Office Interiors, a truly dynamic workplace requires a desk to match: one that can be adjusted to the task at hand.

So, what are the primary benefits of adjustable workstations? Let’s take a look:

  • Ergonomics: Back problems, wrist issues, and headaches can result from a workspace that is not optimized to the employee’s needs, which, in the long run, can lead to reduced productivity. For instance, a desk that allows for the positioning of a keyboard to be adjusted will help reduce risk of carpal tunnel or wrist irritation. Furthermore, a desk that can be adjusted to height to become a standing desk might be an excellent long term-solution to health issues associated with sitting.
  • Collaboration: In environments in which communication and collaboration is key, an adjustable desk will be able to be quickly converted from a workstation to an area where minds can meet and ideas can be hashed out. It’s a subtle effect, but the easier it is for collaborators to work together, the better the results and the more fruitful this cooperation.
  • Aesthetics: The appearance of the office communicates a lot about the company’s values, not only to potential clients but to employees themselves. Desks with sliding panels allow for space to be more organized, reduce clutter, and even add a contemporary feel to the appearance of a workstation. By valuing this, as well as ergonomics, your employees will feel that the company appreciates their work, and clients will see that you mean business.

Surely an investment in adjustable office furniture will pay for itself, and the experts at Extra Office Interiors are there to help you find the perfect solution. To learn more about adjustable desks or any other commercial office furniture, visit the company online or call (732) 381-9774

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