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How Often Should You Visit the Dentist? October 11, 2017

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How Often Should You Visit the Dentist? , Brighton, New York

You may already know that you need to visit the dentist at least twice a year. While that’s true for many people, the amount of times you should go depends on your unique dental hygiene habits, oral environment, and medical conditions. Even those who floss and brush diligently require regular check-ups to ensure optimal oral health.

A Guide to Visiting the Dentist


Smokers, pregnant women, and diabetics are among those who may need to visit the dentist as often as four times a year. These people possess a much higher risk of periodontal disease and serious oral issues, which means regular check-ups and preventive care are key. People with weakened immune systems, sensitive teeth, or who currently have gum disease should also visit the dentist every few months. The dentist can help treat or combat any conditions before they exacerbate.


Those with a moderate risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease may need to visit the dentist twice a year. Elderly individuals, children, and those who consume sugary and starchy foods require more frequent care to prevent oral issues.

Optimal Oral Health

Those without a history of cavities, gum disease, or significant tooth decay may only need to visit the dentist once a year. Even if teeth appear to be in perfect condition, the dentist can detect early signs of oral cancer, jaw problems, and other dental issues. The dentist will also remove any hardened tartar, which is impossible to get rid of at home and will otherwise lead to cavities.


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