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Series 1, Part 8: Will Stainless Steel Door Frames Corrode? February 28, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 1, Part 8: Will Stainless Steel Door Frames Corrode?, Brighton, Michigan

Last time, Brighton, MI-based Door Innovation discussed the non-corrosive benefits of galvanizing and annealing. Now, to wrap up part one of their three-part series on corroded metal door frames, these industry-leading specialists are tackling one last material: stainless steel.  

The Question: Will Stainless Steel Door Frames Corrode?

With “stainless” in its name, one may assume that stainless steel is impervious to rust, corrosion, and other imperfections. But is the name accurate, or is it a misnomer? These door frame repair experts have the answer you’ve been looking for.   

The Answer: Yes, They Will

corroded metal door frameStainless steel is an alloy of iron containing at least 10.5 percent chromium. The chromium produces a thin layer of oxide on the surface of the metal known as the “passive layer.” This layer significantly reduces the material’s ability to corrode. However, it does not halt the process altogether.

According to Door Innovation, stainless steel can corrode under the right conditions. Areas exposed to salt or bleach, for example, promote corrosion as the chloride ions inside both substances attack the metal’s passive layer. The same goes for commercial door frames subjected to hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. Additionally, the passive layer cannot form without oxygen. So stainless steel found in tight crevices, such as the inside of a door jamb, is vulnerable to corrosive attack. Stainless steel in normal atmospheric conditions, such as kitchen appliances, and those containing a higher percentage of chromium, on the other hand, are safe.

If your commercial door frames are made of stainless steel and start to rust, don’t try to replace the entire structure. Not only is this expensive, but it’s also unnecessary. Door Innovation’s patented jamb patch kits allow you to remove the corrosion and repair the frame in less than 10 steps. The patch is made of galvannealed steel, so it resists corrosion and protects your property from both contamination and energy loss.

Next time, Door Innovation will introduce part two of their three-part series, so stay tuned! Until then, you can learn more about the jamb patch kit on their website. To speak with a door frame repair specialist, call (517) 518-8979.