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Top Tips for Flipping Real Estate Investments October 11, 2017

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Top Tips for Flipping Real Estate Investments, Annandale, Virginia

House flipping involves purchasing a property — typically a foreclosure — before fixing it up and reselling it at a profit. This real estate investment process may seem fairly straightforward, but there is room for error; making the wrong choice could result in a devastating financial blow. Fortunately, educating yourself on how the investment works can reduce your risk of failure and help you earn a substantial profit. The tips below will ensure you know how to proceed.

The Ins & Outs of Flipping Real Estate Investments

How to Start the House Flipping Process

Real-Estate-Investments-Annandale-VABefore you attempt to flip a home, you need to secure financial backing. Since most people don't have that much cash on hand, they turn to a bank for a mortgage or team up with other property investors to tackle the project. If you're doing it on your own, it's important that you're aware that banks don’t hand out loans for flipping to everybody. You need to approach the lender with a good credit score as well as enough cash for the down payment.

How to Spot a Great Real Estate Investment Opportunity

Once the money is in place, you can begin searching for a real estate investment property, but this decision can make or break your investment. You need the home to sell as quickly as possible after renovation or you risk losing potential profits to interest rates. If you choose the wrong house, then it's going to be a struggle to sell.

You can help avoid making a poor decision by approaching the purchase with knowledge of the local housing market. Study the past and current market trends as well as future projections from experts within the community, and then pinpoint the most desired locations based on this information. Once you find a home that meets your location specifications, you need to make sure that the price of the property matches the condition of the home or your renovations could eat your profit. Also, look for features that are sought out by buyers in the area because it may result in a higher asking price.


When it comes to real estate investments, the knowledge provided by Rudolph Investment Group can't be matched. Not only do the skilled consultants provide professional advisement, but they also offer various online courses to help their clients understand every aspect of the process including options like Real Estate Essentials and Fix & Flip. Learn more about their real estate investing courses and networking opportunities online, or get personalized assistance by calling their Annandale, VA, office at (757) 656-5753.

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