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Avoid Back Pain With These Lifting Techniques & Tips October 11, 2017

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Avoid Back Pain With These Lifting Techniques & Tips, Archdale, North Carolina

Lifting heavy objects improperly remains one of the easiest ways for people to strain their backs, resulting in injuries that can take anywhere from days to months to heal. Help yourself avoid serious back pain by learning how to lift correctly, especially if you are already prone to back issues from an automobile accident or other injury. Proper lifting is not about the back, but the legs and hips—by following a few simple tips, you can reduce the chance of back pain.

A Little Preparation

Look around you before you get ready to lift a box or other heavy item to see if anything is in your way that could cause you to trip and fall. The sudden movements that come with trying to remain upright often strain the back. Remove any items in your way and check the floor or ground for water and uneven surfaces that can cause you to slip and injure yourself.

Further prepare to lift the item by briefly stretching your back, legs, and arms. If you think the object is too heavy to carry, ask for assistance or use equipment such as a forklift or dolly.

The Right Way to Lift

back painLift the object in question with your legs instead of your back to prevent strain. Use the karate stance—where your feet are shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other—before squatting down. Bend your knees and hips, not your back, as you maintain correct posture and lift the item slowly. Keep back pain at bay by holding the object as close to you as possible with your hips jutting out.

Slow & Steady Movements

Avoid walking quickly whenever you are carrying something heavy so you do not accidentally wrench your back. Slow, small steps are always best—pair them with short breaks if you think it is necessary. Move slowly as you put the item down, again using your legs and hips instead of your back.


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