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4 Reasons to Get Regular Haircuts October 10, 2017

San Antonio, Bexar
4 Reasons to Get Regular Haircuts , San Antonio, Texas

There’s nothing like a fresh hairdo to revitalize your look, as well as your spirit. But many people don’t realize frequent haircuts are more than a treat—they’re also a necessity. To keep your locks fresh and healthy, you should get a trim at least once every four to six weeks, according to the experts at Premier Cuts Hair Salon. Based in San Marcos, TX, they’re the community’s go-to walk-in salon, known for their quality, affordable haircuts. Here, the team explains four benefits of getting regular trims. 

4 Benefits of Regular Haircuts 

1. Prevents Split Ends 

After about six weeks, the ends of your hair will begin to split, making your locks look ragged and damaged. Plus, split ends are progressive. That means that if they’re not trimmed right away, the split will continue up the strand toward the scalp. As such, the longer you wait, the more hair you’ll have to chop off. If you want to keep your tresses long, scheduling regular trims is a must.

2. Makes Hair More Manageable 

haircut-san-marcos-TXRegular haircuts also ensure your hair is neat and easy to manage. Waiting too long between appointments might cause the ends to become frazzled, resulting in tangling and breakage. If you have thick hair, routine visits will prevent it from appearing bushy. If it’s thin, routine trims will keep the layers looking voluminous. Even curly and frizzy hair can be maintained with the right cut and style. 

3. Maintain Your Look 

Frequent haircuts are particularly important if you have a short hairstyle, like a pixie or bob. Bangs can also appear awkward and become uncomfortable if they are not trimmed regularly. Even longer hair looks best with frequent trims. 

4. Prevent Shock 

It’s much easier to “dust off” a quarter-inch or so if you visit the salon regularly. Otherwise, the stylist might have to cut off three to four inches to keep your strands healthy and revitalize your style. It can be difficult to part with that much hair in one sitting, and you may end up with a cut that’s shorter than you would like. 

If you’re a southeastern Texas resident, stop by Premier Cuts Hair Salon to freshen up your look today. Because they take walk-in clients exclusively, you don’t even need to make an appointment—just stop in anytime. For more information about their haircut services or pricing, call (512) 878-2887, and visit their website today.