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3 Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring From Pets October 10, 2017

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3 Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring From Pets, Springfield, Massachusetts

Maintaining hardwood flooring can be a challenge if you have pets around the house. But with due care and diligence, you can protect your wood floors from being damaged by an overexcited cat or dog. Here are a few tips to keep your hardwood protected from pet damage.

How to Safeguard Hardwood Flooring From Pets

Keep Their Nails Trimmed

It’s not uncommon for pets to dig their nails into the floor to gain a better grip. While this may just be a playful habit, it can create unsightly scratches and scrapes on your beautiful hardwood floors. Regular visits to the pet groomer will help keep their sharp nails properly trimmed and suitable for the wood flooring. You can also place pet scratch posts where they can exercise their paws to their heart’s content.

Put Their Bowls on Protective Mats

hardwood flooringPlace a waterproof mat under your pet’s food and water bowls. These mats not only protect the wood from accidental water spills, but they also shield the floors against your pet’s drool. If the spills transcend the protective coverings, clear them away without delay.

Clear Away Pet Waste Immediately

Young and untrained pets often relieve themselves on the floor, exposing it to moisture. This problem can also occur in fully trained pets when they are sick or nervous about a perceived threat. Clean up the waste as soon as you notice it to prevent lasting damage and unsightly spots on the floors. If a portion of your floors is damaged, have it replaced by a local flooring contractor.


With the right precautions, you can keep your furry friends from damaging your professionally installed hardwood flooring. If you live in Springfield, MA, contact the experts at JT’s Floor Refinishing. They have served the residents of Greater Hartford County with expert floor installations and repairs for over 25 years. Call (413) 788-6149 to schedule service and visit their website for more information.

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