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Auto Repair Experts Share Top 3 Stick Shift Mistakes October 16, 2017

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Auto Repair Experts Share Top 3 Stick Shift Mistakes, Honolulu, Hawaii

In recent years, the automotive industry has seen a shift in the vehicle lineup, with many companies trading in their manual transmissions for the automatic PRNDL variety. If you’re still loyal to your gearshift and want to keep riding as long as possible, you may want to look out for the three most common mistakes stick shifters make that destroy their manual transmissions. The auto repair experts at Fantastik Auto Repair in Honolulu, HI, give readers an in-depth look at how to avoid these errors to keep your manual running as long possible.

Avoid Auto Repair by Fixing These 3 Common Manual Transmission Mistakes

1. Resting on the Shifter

auto repairMany Hollywood movies make it look stylish to rest your hand on the shifter. It can also seem convenient, allowing you to shift suddenly if the need arises. However, this can cause you to require premature transmission repair. When you rest your hand on the shifter, the selector fork and the collar continuously rub together and wear down over time. If you’re considering buying a manual transmission used, it is a good idea to have a vehicle safety check performed to ensure these parts are working properly.

2. Ignoring Warning Signs

If you hear any unusual knocking, rumbling, squeaking or stirring coming from your transmission but neglect to visit an auto repair shop, you’re likely causing hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle. Putting off car engine repair can lead to you needing to replace the entire thing, which often costs more than your vehicle may be worth. That’s why it’s important to receive regular auto repair and car maintenance to ensure your manual transmission runs smoothly.

3. Riding the Clutch

When you keep the clutch pedal partially pressed down, you wear down your transmission and can cause damage to your engine, which may result in a need for premature auto repair or replacement parts. Be sure to utilize the automatic brake holding system in most modern vehicles when going uphill rather than relying on the clutch to propel your car forward.

Keeping these tips in mind and staying up to date with routine car maintenance will go a long way toward ensuring the longevity of your manual transmission vehicle and keeping you from needing auto repair. Fantastik Auto Repair has a wealth of experience working on a variety of cars and performing many vehicle services such as oil changes, auto electrical repair, and regular vehicle safety checks. Call (808) 842-3777 or visit them online for more information about their services. 

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