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3 Early Learning Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Write October 17, 2017

Plymouth, Plymouth
3 Early Learning Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Write, Plymouth, Michigan

Before kindergarten, many parents hope to find a way to get their child on the road toward scholastic success by implementing age-appropriate writing strategies. With the help of a child care center or preschool, you can adopt early learning techniques that will encourage cognitive growth in your student and allow them to write more easily down the road. While there are certainly some road blocks to be expected when it comes to early learning, there are a number of steps parents can take to work through obstacles and encourage strong writing habits in the beginning of their child’s educational career. 

Below are three early learning tips to help your little one get a head start on their writing skills:

  • Start Simple: For many young students, the main problem with writing stems from a simple inability to hold their writing utensil correctly. For a child younger than five, it can be tricky to hold a pen or pencil steadily enough to begin writing a sentence. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure that they have the right tools, so try a rubber pencil grip to help them adjust to the feeling of holding their pen. If the length of the pencil is causing trouble, try giving them a smaller, kid-size pen or pencil that is easier for them to wrap their fingers around. 
  • early learningLook Forward: For many young writers, the main problem they face is writing individual letters backwards. While this problem usually resolves itself with time, parents can help the process along by placing a symbol in the left corner of the paper. A friendly smiley face in the top left-hand corner will signal to your student that this is the “starting side” where each of their letters should begin. 
  • Make Size Easy: During the early learning stages of writing, many kids find it difficult to make their words fit on the page. To help practice, you can ask your student to write as many letters on one line as they can—this will challenge and encourage them to write each letter smaller until they can consistently write each word to fit perfectly on a single line. 


If you’re looking for a child care service in Plymouth, MI, that will foster your child’s reading and writing skills, consider Tutor Time Child Care. Since their beginning in 2000, this team of focused and committed professionals has provided a positive and welcoming place for kids to learn and play. For more information, visit them online or give them a call at (734) 420-2700.

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