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3 Tips for Choosing a Loved One’s Gravestone November 20, 2017

East Haven, New Haven County
3 Tips for Choosing a Loved One’s Gravestone, East Haven, Connecticut

Planning the funeral and burial of a loved one is emotionally trying, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed with details. Fortunately, choosing the gravestone can often be put off until the burial is complete, which gives you more time to weigh your options. Here are three important factors to think about before buying a marker.

3 Points to Consider When Choosing a Gravestone

1. Check the Cemetery’s Rules

Not all cemeteries have the same rules and regulations. Check with a representative before choosing a gravestone, as some gravesites require a flat marker instead. There may also be stipulations on size and material. Pedestals or sculpted reliefs are popular in many cemeteries, but knowing the rules in advance ensures the marker you purchase is permitted at your loved one’s resting place.

2. Choose the Material

funeralGranite is the most durable material for gravestones, even standing up to harsh weather. It also provides the most color options, but the cemetery’s regulations may limit your choices. Keep in mind that marble and other nongranite stones will erode over time, which could blur elaborate fonts or inscriptions. If you plan on adding names or information to the gravestone at a later date, opt for bronze.

3. Decide on the Information to Include

Along with the full name and dates of birth and death, you may want to add a descriptive epitaph. Take the time to carefully consider what you want the stone to say since it will be difficult or impossible to change it later. Also consider whether your gravestone should have room for more than one name. If it’s for a married loved one, will the couple share a headstone at some point in the future? Weigh all the options in advance to avoid hasty mistakes.


Proper planning ensures you choose a gravestone fit for your dearly departed. If you need help with planning a funeral or burial service, turn to the caring staff at Porto Funeral Homes. Family-run for over 75 years, they serve the residents of New Haven County, CT, with compassion after the loss of a loved one. Visit their website for more information, and call (203) 467-3000 to speak with a friendly representative.

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