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Top 5 Hairstyle Trends of 2017 October 17, 2017

Harrison, Westchester
Top 5 Hairstyle Trends of 2017, Harrison, New York

From pastel pinks to the return of the sleek, straight, 90s hair, there has been an overwhelming lineup of trend-worthy hair in 2017. Whether you’re looking to make an impression with a burst of color or enhance the natural texture of your hair in head-turning fashion, the stylists at the award-winning hair salon NUMI | A Nuriel Abramov Salon in Rye, NY, are ready to tackle any hair trend that comes their way.

Below are some hairstyles that have been making waves at hair salons in 2017:

1. Short, Platinum Blond

Admittedly, the short, platinum blond look isn’t new. Pop idols like Amber Rose have been sporting it before 2017. However, when traditionally longhaired, brunette celebrities — such as Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart — came out of the woodwork with their short, platinum locks this year, it inspired people to believe in the power of transformation. Everyone knows the refreshing feeling of chopping off the weight of long hair. Further transforming your hair color from dark to light adds an airy and ethereal quality to your look.

2. Sleek Pony Tail

hair-color-rye-NYPonytails are often overlooked as a “boring” choice despite its versatility. 2017 has shown all the ways ponytails can be worn: the key is to slick your hair up — as donned by singers Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Beyonce — showcasing your face. Let the “tail” take on any character you want. Whether you want it high or low, straight or wavy, braided or natural, it’s a classic look that suits every face shape.

3. Slick & Wet

This look is surprisingly sophisticated for how low-maintenance it can be. With some texturizing gel, you can brush your hair straight against your scalp and fluff out the ends for a dramatic frame, or pull all of your hair all the way back with the help of some hairspray. If your hair naturally becomes greasy after a day or two, you can use those oils to your advantage for this elegant look, and you’ll look like you just stepped off the red carpet.

4. Silver & Ashy Colors

This subdued color trend of 2017 was the answer to the prayers of those who wanted to experiment with colors but found themselves intimidated by the brightness in the range that was available. Some people successfully sported a whole head of silver, making them look out of this world. Others opted for ashy blonde highlights or balayage, subtly changing the game of colored highlights.

5. Natural Curls

More and more people are embracing their curls this year. They can take on many exciting hairstyles, as seen by the first curly-haired Victoria’s Secret model, Allana Arrington, singer Shakira, and actress Lupita Nyong’o. Taking advantage of your natural curls not only saves your hair from the damage inflicted by strengtheners, but it will also be a statement of acceptance.

To make your statement for 2017 with one of these trendy hairstyles, go to one of the best hair salons in Westchester: NUMI | A Nuriel Abramov Salon. They have a dedicated and experienced team of stylists whose priority is customer satisfaction. You won’t leave the chair until you are completely happy with your look. To schedule an appointment, call (914) 921-6864, or fill out a form online.