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What You Should Know Before Getting a Root Canal October 12, 2017

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
What You Should Know Before Getting a Root Canal, Gulf Shores, Alabama

When a tooth is infected or extremely decayed, a root canal procedure may be necessary to preserve it and reduce pain. Finding a top-notch dentist to perform this procedure will make the process less stressful. At Dentremont Dental Services PC in Gulf Shores, AL, they are known for providing excellent cosmetic and general dentistry services; here, they explain three factors you should know about root canals.

What You Need to Know Before Undergoing a Root Canal

You Won’t Lose Your Tooth

root canalAt its core, a root canal procedure is performed to preserve your tooth. As such, it’s an excellent option to avoid potential tooth removal or dental implants. By removing any damaged nerve and pulp, the tooth can remain in your mouth without causing ongoing discomfort or additional issues. 

They Require 2 Visits

Root canals often require two visits to rectify the issue and fully combat decay or infection. The first appointment will focus on removing damaged nerves and cleaning the area. During the follow-up, your dentist will work on restoration and fit a crown on your tooth, if needed, to keep it protected in the future. 

You Can Expect Some Discomfort Afterward

Dentists do everything in their power to minimize discomfort both during and after a root canal procedure with local anesthetic and nitrous oxide to calm your nerves. That being said, the act of cleaning and restoring a tooth will increase sensitivity for a short time afterward. Your dentistry team may prescribe medicine to reduce swelling and encourage eating soft foods that aren’t extremely hot or cold for a couple of days until your tooth is healed. 

If you’re suffering from tooth pain in the Gulf Shores area, contact Dentremont Dental Services PC. Their professional team performs root canals regularly and walk patients through the process in advance to alleviate anxiety before sitting in the dental chair. Call them today at (251) 943-0004 to schedule an appointment. For more information on this trusted dental clinic, check out their website

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