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Top 3 Fun Facts About Margaritas October 13, 2017

West Hamilton, Hamilton
Top 3 Fun Facts About Margaritas, Hamilton, Ohio

Many people have a go-to drink, something reserved for nights out, birthday bashes, and other special occasions. But few revelers would dispute the fact that margaritas, that festive mix of lime juice, triple sec, and tequila, is one of the most celebrated drinks for celebrations. Here are just a few fun facts about the sweet, tangy cocktail. 

Interesting Tidbits About Margaritas

1. Origins

There is some controversy over when and by whom the margarita drink was first perfected. Some believe it was invented in 1938 by Carlos Herrera at his restaurant in Mexico for a former Ziegfeld dancer. Others assert it wasn't concocted until a decade later in Acapulco by Margarita Sames. Yet another origin story claims that it was invented in 1942, at a bar called Tommy’s Place in Mexico. 

2. Predecessor 

margaritaIts origins may be unclear, but the margarita didn't just materialize out of thin air. Its forerunner was the tequila daisy, a drink served in Tijuana in the 1920s. The tequila daisy would come to be overshadowed by the immensely popular margarita and is relatively obscure today. To endure, the tequila daisy has undergone a variety of changes over the years. Today, it consists of lemon juice, grenadine, and vodka, tequila, or rum. 

3. First Published

Although the margarita, or variations of it, have been around since the 20s, 30s, or 40s, depending on who you ask, the beverage didn't make it into print until 1953, when Esquire declared it the magazine’s drink of the month.


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