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4 Must-Know FAQs About Window Cleaning October 11, 2017

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4 Must-Know FAQs About Window Cleaning, North Bethesda, Maryland

Whether in your home or office building, the windows in any space provide much-needed light and energy to get you through the day. Unfortunately, they get dirty and dingy quickly, leaving you in a dimmer and less attractive living or work area. Regular window cleaning services are an effective way to ensure your glass remains spotless for longer. However, if you’ve never enlisted the help of a professional, it’s important to know what to expect. 

What to Know About Window Cleaning Services

How Long Does Window Washing Take?

The time it takes to do a thorough window cleaning depends largely on the type of building being serviced and how many windows need washing. If you’re in a large, corporate office, you can expect the process to last at least a day. If you’re enlisting a professional for your home, however, the job will likely be done in a few hours. 

Should I Be Home for the Cleaning?

If you want the interior to be washed as well, plan to stay home throughout the process. Cleaners need full access to all surfaces, so you must be present to invite them inside and show them which rooms you’d like serviced. If you’re only having the outside of your windows cleaned, you don’t need to be around to monitor the job. 

Does the Weather Come Into Play?

window cleaningHaving your windows cleaned during the fall and winter can be tricky, as a rainy day will keep experts from doing a thorough job on the exterior. If you run into less-than-perfect weather on the day of your appointment, the team can still focus on the inside. However, you’ll have to talk to your contractor about scheduling a new date to complete the job outside. 

What Is Pure Window Washing?

Tap water carries microscopic debris that scratches windows or even causes spotting when the window dries. A cleaning company that uses pure window washing techniques uses deionization to remove these particles from the water. This ensures that after the windows have been washed, polished and dried, they remain streak- and spot-free. 


If you need service on your commercial or residential property in Bethesda, MD, Squeeky Clean Window Washing uses state-of-the-art wash water purification methods. Their team of window cleaning experts also employ preservative techniques, so they will have your home or business looking spotless for longer. For more information about what they offer, including glass restoration, visit them online. To schedule an appointment, give them a call at (301) 424-4020.

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