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Should You Purchase New or Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment? October 10, 2017

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Should You Purchase New or Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment?, Orlando, Florida

While used restaurant equipment may seem like the better choice in terms of cost-savings, deciding whether you should purchase new or used requires a bit of consideration. From minor scratches and dents to more costly problems, used equipment certainly comes with its own set of pros and cons. Because of this issue, the professionals at Tech-24 offer their equipment service to help restaurant owners and managers make the most of their commercial kitchens. 

Purchasing Commercial Restaurant Equipment: New or Used?

Save Money with Used Equipment

restaurant equipmentGenerally speaking, the primary benefit to used equipment is its lower cost. While purchasing pre-owned often means forfeiting warranties and shouldering the risk of repairs, the initial savings can greatly outweigh these disadvantages. Sticking with brands you can trust means you’ll get the most for your money. In addition, thoroughly examining all used equipment before the purchase can help you find and avoid signs of problems, like rust or missing parts.

If purchasing all new equipment simply isn’t an option for financial reasons, keep in mind the few appliances that should never be bought used. Typically, refrigerators and ice machines can be unreliable and may have hidden issues. Plus, their parts are highly expensive, so purchasing these used is risky. Gas ranges, on the other hand, have longer life spans and tend to experience fewer problems. Purchasing these pre-owned can help you save money and still enjoy the peace of mind from knowing your equipment will last a long time.

Save Headaches With New Equipment

When you decide to purchase a new piece of equipment, you may find yourself spending more money, but you’ll still experience plenty of benefits. Feeling confident in the equipment’s potential means you won’t have to worry about it breaking down soon. You can save yourself the stress of replacing the entire unit or any broken parts, and you can enjoy the warranties that come with such equipment. Buying new often means the equipment will have a longer life span in your restaurant, but it also means a larger initial investment.

In the end, your needs and budget will determine whether or not you buy pre-owned appliances. Whether you decide to purchase new or used restaurant equipment, the professionals at Tech-24 offer their kitchen appliance repair services. With a quick response time and highly trained technicians, you can feel confident knowing these experts will keep your kitchen up and running for years to come. If you have any questions for them, you can reach them at a location near you. You can also check out services online, or like them on Facebook to learn more.

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