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3 Questions to Ask About Your New Hairstyle October 10, 2017

Westminster, Adams
3 Questions to Ask About Your New Hairstyle, Westminster, Colorado

When you find a hairstyle you love, it’s important to find out whether it will be flattering and manageable. The professionals at Fantastic Sams in Littleton, CO, recommend asking questions at the salon, so the staff understands your needs and goals. Here, they offer a guide to a few important topics to discuss with your hairdresser.

What to Ask When Choosing a New Hairstyle

Is This Haircut Right for My Face?

While you may love a celebrity’s current hairstyle, it’s important to remember that their face shape may be different from yours. An experienced stylist will evaluate the cut as well as your face to determine whether they are compatible. In some cases, the hairstyle can be modified to achieve a similar look that flatters your features.

How Do I Choose the Right Hair Color?

hairstyle Littleton COInvesting in highlights or all-over color can make a new hairstyle pop. Ask the stylist to study your current shade and skin tone to find the a natural-looking shade. Discuss whether you want to make a subtle change or be bold with the new hue. Also, consider the season, as your skin tone may change when the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter.

How Much Maintenance Will My Hair Need?

While it’s important to like how a new hairstyle and color look, you need to be sure these changes fit into your lifestyle. Tell the hairdresser about your daily routine and natural texture, so they can find a suitable cut and recommend cleansing and styling products. Be honest about how much time and money you are willing to spend on styling, trims, and color touch-ups before committing to a new ‘do.

If you're looking for that perfect fall hairstyle, stop by Fantastic Sams today. These experts offer a wide range of services, including fashionable haircuts, highlights, and all-over color. If you have questions about trying a new look, the team will discuss your options to ensure your satisfaction. Call (720) 922-0300 to schedule an appointment, and visit the salon online for more information about their cut and color services.

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